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Hello welcomed guest!(Get the neural inhibitors ready) We are so happy that you are interested in our company! We strive to be the very best and to only employ the very best. (Is lab 2 ready?) I am sure you have lots of questions for us and we will be glad to answer them all after the tour. (Well if the subject isn't responding then dump it)  The company is multi-faceted and takes part in many ventures. (fine fine fine... guess we will just use lab 3 then for the new recruit) We like to better the environment by removing the pests and demons from the local areas. Of course it doesn't hurt that doing so is a very lucrative business, you wouldn't believe what demon hides go for these days. Lol .... what? Why are you asking me about demons? I never said anything about demons... maybe you should take a seat here and relax for a minute. What? No no no those are not restraints.. those are massage bands used by our researchers.. research is such a stressful job. (subject is ready for injection) Again we would really like to thank you for your interest in our company and we really hope your enjoying the tour.........


Brainwashed is a cabal who's core members have been gaming together for years. We are looking for mature players who want to work as a team. We don't like drama or excessive whining. While not eliteist we do expect players to pull their own weight. We make use of damage meters to check builds and see how effective they are, this does not mean we expect you to post the highest dmg or else we kick you. No we understand the utility aspect of the game and bringing more to the table than just top dps numbers. That being said if it is noticed that the stats being posted are unusually low then be open to discussion and help :) We engage in both PVE and PVP. Ventrilo is a must. If you are interested make use of the apply buttons on the side of this page. Thank you for your interest and see you in game!

Guild News

Welcome to the Official Brainwashed Website!

Dakgren, Jul 27, 12 3:36 PM.
This site is currently under construction and will be having more things added to it as we get going here. If there is something missing you would like to see or a mistake please let me know and I will do what I can to fix it. 

Coming Soon!

Dakgren, Jul 27, 12 3:28 PM.
Pretty soon I will be running some special events for all guild members to participate in. There will be prizes and much fun for everyone. More details when I'm closer to setting it all up. Some ideas currently are a in house PVP tourney using the Fight Club in NY, a "Where in NY is Dakgren?" where the 1st 3 people who open a trade with me get the rewards, a screenshot competition, and other ideas.. More details on the events and rewards when we get closer to setting them up. Any ideas or suggestions welcome just post it the Member forums.

Starting Up NM Dungeons!

Dakgren, Jul 24, 12 2:36 PM.
Ah the time is finally here. After having all the elite's on farm and gaining many many AP points we have reached the point of Nightmare Dungeons! Woot woot. Of course everyone needs to bring their A game because let me tell you.. these are no joke.
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